Wednesday, October 07, 2015

From Digital To Print & Out From Behind The Computer Screen

The transfer from digital-only to digital and print at Blackbird gathers momentum as Diane Chandler's People's Book Prize 2015/16 finalist The Road To Donetsk makes the display shelves at Waterstones. Thanks to James Daunt's purchase of the UK's biggest bookstore chain last year, independent publishers can now get their books out there. A further step towards the democratisation of publishing. 

The Road To Donetsk in Waterstones, Chiswick

Diane Chandler at Waterstones, Chiswick
Tanya Bullock's That Special Someone is a Waterstones, Walsall Staff Pick.

Tanya Bullock At Waterstones Walsall
Recent appearances by Love & Justice author and motivational speaker Diana Morgan-Hill included this interview with the Hay Festival's Andy Fryers at Herefordshire New Leaf's hEnergy weekend. Diana has been invited to attend the Women Of The Year lunch later this month. 

Diana Morgan-Hill, in conversation with Andy Fryers from Catcher Media on Vimeo.

It all began in 2010 with one Amazon ebook by Susie Kelly:

The Valley Of Heaven & Hell by Susie Kelly

Susie has travelled further than all of us. She recently returned from a Writer in Residence safari trip to Kenya and is busy writing her 8th travel title for Blackbird. A follow-up to her much-loved I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry

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