Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Singleton Mum: A novel about the work life imbalance

This novel, my first, originally released by Piatkus as Baby on Board has been due a makeover for a long long time. It was unashamedly styled on the Bridget Jones genre, which I loved. Now it would be called fan fiction I guess, so I decided to capitalise on that this time around with the title. 

 Bridget is, it seems, now catching up with my 39 yr old, as a movie about Bridget Jones having a baby is in production. This put a bit of a bomb under my update plans. The text had already been seen to (for the obligatory mobile phone/internet updates & removal of some of the more flowery first time author descriptions), and put out under various titles with a series of covers so bad I hadn't even included it on my publishing site. I use professional designers for my authors' covers but, happily employed as I've been as an editor and publisher lately, I haven't as yet been in the position to allocate the time or money to my own backlist. But I'm happy with this cover, which I made this morning with a photo agency image. For the font, I did what you're supposed to do and studied other books in the genre, along with the covers of Jojo Moyes whose brilliant, intelligent books have the audience all contemporary fiction authors dream of.  

To try and get some visibility going for this new one, The Widow's To Do List is currently free on Amazon Kindle (26-30 Oct 2015)


Susie Kelly said...

I really, really love that cover. Absolutely perfect. Chapeau.

Stephanie Zia said...

Thanks, Susie! And thanks for the first Comment here for many a while, I hadn't realised my Comments button had been switched off.