Monday, October 19, 2015

Writing A Book? How Will You Publish? Free Event

Still with publisher's hat on (it's not Nov NanoWriMo 1st quite yet), but with one toe definitely in the writer's world: It has been confirmed that we have our first London Waterstones event coming up on November 17th. Two Blackbird authors, Jacqui Lofthouse and Diane Chandler, independent author Susan Lee Kerr, and myself will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of various ways of publishing, all from slightly different perspectives. To be chaired by The Chiswick Calendar's Bridget Osborne, the event is free and kicks off at Chiswick Waterstones at 18.30. Full details here.

More excitement: Love & Justice Blackbird author Diana Morgan-Hill is one of the Women of the Year 2015 and celebrating this very lunchtime at London's Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane.

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