Friday, December 02, 2016

'I want my books to be cleverer than I am.' Deborah Levy

I am so far out of the writing frame of mind that I don't carry a notebook around with me any more. A talk by Deborah Levy at a literary salon the other evening was inspiring enough for me to rip off my name tag and write notes as she spoke.

* I want my books to be cleverer than I am.

* Where the writer's attention is is the most important thing. Know your literary purpose and you'll be OK.

* Character: fragile, chaotic, vulnerable... let them be chaotic, not sanitised. That is LIFE. Trump winning election, that is chaotic. LIFE.

* Create a reality and then subvert it. David Lynch is very good at that.

* The South of France is a sunny place full of shady people.

* Q: What do you read? Freud, Freud, Freud, Dürer, Montaigne....

I am now reading this...

Hot Milk by Deborah Levy